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How To Inspect And Clean Your Solar Inverter To Keep It Functioning Properly

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 A solar electrical generation system in residential settings is fairly low-maintenance, and most homeowners don’t need to do much in the way of upkeep. However, one integral component, the solar inverter, requires regular cleaning to prevent failure. The solar inverter transforms the often-irregular direct current flowing from solar cells and storage batteries into usable alternating current. If it becomes clogged with dust, cobwebs or other debris, it can overheat and burn up its internal components. Read More»

Do Landlords Really Need To Provide Air Conditioning?

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Nearly everyone knows that a landlord must provide for basic necessities such as heat, electricity and running water. This is referred to as the warranty of habitability and is designed to protect the rights of tenants. Although the landlord does not need to foot the bill (unless it is stated in your lease), he must provide you with access to services deemed necessary to maintain relative comfort. Many assume the warranty of habitability applies to air conditioning as well and are surprised to learn that it isn’t always true. Read More»

3 Reasons To Hire A Professional To Install The Gutters On Your Home

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When you look at your home, you probably never notice the gutters on it because gutters usually just blend in, but despite the lack of attention they may get, they are there for a very important reason. Gutters keep rain water out of your home, and when the time comes to replace your worn-out gutters, you should consider hiring a professional to complete this job for these three reasons. Quality Materials Read More»

Understanding The Basics Of HVAC Filters Used In Residential Systems

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HVAC filters are your first line of defense against dust, pollens and other allergens. The following touches on how dirty filters can impact your HVAC system, how the MERV rating system works and the basic types of filters used in residential settings. The Perils of Dirty Filters HVAC systems are designed to cycle on and off. A clogged air filter restricts airflow, eventually forcing the HVAC system to run almost continuously. Read More»

Ways To Save With Windows

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Windows are an important part of any home, but they come with some downsides. Windows can often be drafting, causing money to practically float out of the house with the air. Windows are also expensive to replace and can fall apart quickly if not well maintained. However, as a homeowner you will find there are some ways windows can save you money. Here are a few.  Fix Stripping and Sealing Problems Read More»

3 Great Places To Install French Doors In Your House

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Are you trying to figure out how to update your home? Before you rip out those countertops or that old carpet, you should consider replacing those run-of-the mill interior and sliding doors with the double french variety. Here are three great places to install french doors in your house, and why you will love the transformation: 1: Your Home Office If you have a home office, you are probably familiar with the rigors of working around your family. Read More»

3 Reasons To Consider A Whole House Fan To Cool Off Your House

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If your home currently does not have central air conditioning, you may want to find out what options you have for making your house cooler in the summer. Installing a central AC system would be a good option if your home has ductwork, but if your home has a boiler this might not be a feasible option. Of the remaining choices you have, installing a whole house fan might be the best option for you and here’s why. Read More»

Installing Pool Lights For Night Swims: The Difference Between Incandescent, Halogen And LED Lights

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Although having residential pools can help enhance one’s quality of living by offering a chance to swim in private, maintaining and designing residential pools is not easy. Approximately 15% of all U.S. households have reported to have access to residential pools. Swimming at night is a hazard, especially if insufficient pool lights are installed, since one’s vision is limited. Speak with a licensed electrician to determine which types of pool lights are best. Read More»

DIY Stone Spiral Herb Or Flower Garden

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If you are tired of traditional flower beds and hanging baskets and would like to do something different in your backyard this year, you may have already considered a spiral stone flower or herb garden. If you are like most people, you probably assume it will take a lot of work to stack all those stones to get the look you want. This DIY project eliminates the stacking and securing of stones without compromising the beauty, as the spiral of stones is held neatly in place with a wire mesh cage. Read More»